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Re: Random Thoughts After a TOS Marathon

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Saw The Omega Glory for the first time in many many years. Did that society on its own develop the US constitution including "We the People"? I hadn't seen it in eons and thought it was externally introduced into that planet's society somehow but in rewatching it I don't think that was ever explained.
If you go by what was present in the story - THEY had the Constitution and the U.S. etc. before Earth did; as their war was many thousands of years earlier (and actually The Omega Glory was in the running to be the second pilot episode; and was finally used in TOS second season.)
It was one of the stated premises of the show that they would encounter worlds with 'parallel development', similar to Earth's and an earlier episode that uses this premise is season one's Miri.
My personal theory is that they are the descendants of a joint American/Chinese deep space colonization mission that encountered an anomaly and was thrown back in time.

The original story was conceived when Roddenberry thought Star Trek would be set far in the future. Thus the Yangs and Combs had left Earth about 1000 years ago with founding documents in hand, colonized this other planet, and had a nuclear war. The finished episode is faulty because it says the war was longer ago than the 23rd century setting would allow.
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