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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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Rich Johnston, as if eager to prove that he's in way over his head, has posted another article. This one recycles an already-debunked claim, that the message "There will be 6 episodes. More information coming soon" on a BBC episode guide for Dad's Army means that the missing episodes of that series have been found. (Because of course this top secret recovery that has been the subject of NDAs is being plastered all over obscure BBC episode guides.) Of course, it actually means that the episode guide, when complete, will cover all six episodes. Which is why you can see similar messages on pages for other programmes, including those without missing episodes. If Johnston were cultivating fan sources who had even a minimal capacity for skepticism, they could have pointed this out to him.
I'm not following this... There are only three missing episodes of Dad's Army, so where does the six click in?
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