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From The Motion Picture Soundtrack: "A Good Start"

One of my favorite parts of The Motion Picture Soundtrack. The entire track lasts about two-and-a-half minutes and is an interesting study in contrasts. The first half of the piece is something of a melancholic ode to The Original Series, as there are aspects of Goldsmith's theme that are eerily reminiscent of music from TOS.

I especially like the music at the thirty-second mark, which coincides with Uhura relaying Starfleet's message and Kirk pausing briefly as he's reflecting on the loss of both Decker and Ilia. But the music changes abruptly as he allows for the possibility that both may still be out there somewhere, asking that they be listed as missing in action.

The tone of the track changes after that as Scotty and Chapel come onto the bridge to join their shipmates and Kirk asks Scotty about the upcoming Enterprise shakedown. It's as if Goldsmith is conveying the idea that- having mourned the past (and two missing crew members)- it's now time to look to the future. The music starts to pick up as Kirk settles into the captain's chair- his chair- and orders the Enterprise "out there... thataway..."

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