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Early TOS novels

Hi guys,

I have a couple questions about the early days of the Pocket Books novels.

1. When did the Richard Arnold "era" actually begin. What were the earliest TOS novels that showed his influence? I seem to remember that he was in place as early as Vulcan's Glory. Is that true and if so were there earlier novels that he influenced? When it comes to the comics this is easier to answer because DC cancelled its TOS series and relaunched it under Richard Arnold's "rules".

2. Of the early novels from before Richard Arnold's "era", which have had a major influence on TOS novels later? I know that the Rihannsu novels not only influenced the Vulcan's series but were also updated to try to fit in to the commonly accepted timeline. Also, Pandora Principle influences Unspoken Truths. Are there any other examples of later TOS novels being majorly influenced by these early pre- Richard Arnold novels?(excluding cameos or minor nods or references)

Just some historical curiosity of someone who is rediscovering the novels after about a 20 year absence. As always, thanks and have fun, jsplinis.
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