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Re: Thor 2 -Movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2013

That actually brings up a salient point. It seems like each superhero movie ups the ante, so to speak, when it comes to destruction. The Avengers turned New York into a battlefield, so Man of Steel turned downtown Metropolis into a dusty crater. As was mentioned, Thor 2 is targeting several world cities. Is it possible, at this point, to back down and make a smaller story? One aspect of The Wolverine that I liked was a much smaller focus. Logan is not trying to save New York, nor does the fate of the world rest in his hands (claws.) If the stories do not pull back soon, Avengers 3 will be about the fate of the entire universe!

It reminds me of the TV show 24. Season 1 was fairly tight - Jack Bauer must stop the assassination of a presidential candidate. Season 2 brought a nuke, which did not hurt anyone, so of course season 6 had a nuke go off in a populated area. The writers kept raising the stakes until the storylines were completely ridiculous. I do not want that to happen to the superhero movies - they are doing really well right now.
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