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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

I think when presenting ideas on this site you have to have your shields up to maximum . I have experienced a lot of negativity and rudeness from pompous patronising and downright rude people. But sometimes if you stand back and look at it there's often valid points being made . There's also people with good insight and ideas to help you. I find it easier to just ignore the negativity.

Having read your idea there's a few things I like, but some things that other have mentioned are a bit cliche and out of place. Here's a couple of my thoughts. What is the main reason humanity has stopped exploring? Is it that they have charted the milky way galaxy? Something internal like a natural disaster has forced them to return home? Maybe theres no where left toexplore without entering enemy terroitory. I just can't buy the concept that we would give up exploration without good reason. Its the driving force of Star Trek after all.

When this new ship and crew begin the mission it should have some impact on the federation and also its nearby enemies. To make it just a ship of the week show isnt enough. How will it affect the alpha quadrant.

Good luck.
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