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Re: D'deridex class Warbird vs Galaxy class

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So it actually looks a lot bigger than it actually is.
Except that it does not. It is a lot bigger.

Just the coarse side view will reveal the massive warp nacelles, the humungous "head hull", and the sheer chord of those wings. The ship in the smaller of the two alternative views above is necessarily at least three times as heavy as the Galaxy, assuming somewhat similar materials and construction techniques, and quite possibly ten million tons heavier.

The Galaxy is a flat and flimsy thing that is mostly empty volume - draw a box around it and there's lots of "wasted" volume between the nacelles and underneath the saucer. Draw a box around the Romulan ship and the amount of "wasted" volume is at most the same, and probably a bit less.

Timo Saloniemi
So where is your proof that it is bigger in mass? I don't see any information anywhere that says the D'deridex has a greater mass than the Galaxy class. It's just the opposite of that actually. And for being a "flat and flimsy thing", the Galaxy class starships seem to hold up just as well or better than the Romulan warbird.
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