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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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He probably considered the insubordination as something between him and Riker and declared the matter closed on his way out.
Agreed. The mission was a success, a mission Jellico had initially thought was doomed. Riker even came through on fulfilling a tough part of it. All's well that ends well, & leave well enough alone. What's to gain in dirtying up the guy's record? Just a lot of trouble for nothing.

Durek, wrote: View Post
Interesting that people speak of the Enterprise crew reacting negatively to Jellico's style of command with Data being the obvious exception. We never see Worf object in any way upon his return from the mission he and Dr. Crusher were on with Picard. If Worf had problem with Jellico, you bet your whatever that he'd let him know.
I give credit to Geordi too. He was irritated at first, & honestly, were I in his position, I'd probably be too. He kept it under wraps though. After all, He's maybe the best engineer in the fleet. Probably loaded with commendations. That the new captain thinks things aren't up to snuff is not easy to swallow. That he downsized his department & then heaped a workload onto them, because of the crisis, only adds to the aggravation

But by the time they're headlong into the mission, he is coming through like we expect our Geordi to come through. He's delivering the "Geordi goods" & he's relating to the guy much better & visa versa

That's how Geordi is. There's been a number of times he's butt heads with somebody, Leah Brahms, Scotty, even that Romulan, Centurian Bochra in The Enemy, just to mention a few. He always finds a way to work through it. That's why I like Geordi. He's the guy we should all aspire to be.

Troi said her piece & then kept out of the way. Worf had no problem, & neither did Data. Really, the only issues were Riker being out of control, Geordi needing to find his bearings, & Beverly having to zip it in one briefing. That's a pretty good track record for everybody involved, under the circumstances, except Riker
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