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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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I expect a ten year deal to Michael Young as the next announcement.
Please don't even joke about that.

I wouldn't be opposed to an extension as part of a contract negotiation. Not sure how I feel about this deal, which is structured in a way that could potentially be very expensive.
It could be, but Utley hasn't hit 500 PA in a season since like 2009, so those vesting options aren't a huge risk.

It's a deal that might make sense for a team that is in its contention window, where Utley is that last piece and you have a strong secondary option. In the context of a team that has about $110 million committed in 2014 before Utley, for a base of talent that probably won't be any good and will be playing Freddy Galvis when Utley inevitably goes down, it's kind of a disaster.

It's also a loud and clear sign that Rube has no long-term strategy in place whatsoever. The team seems like it desperately wants to keep the deteriorating 2007 - 2011 core together and turn back time. If you really want to do that (you shouldn't), you should be going all-in and signing Cano, one or two of the big gun outfielders, a pitcher or two, and then maybe you talk about bringing Utley back as a complementary piece for third and / or first. Otherwise, you should probably be selling hard, and that probably needed to start at the deadline, which probably means you no longer have Utley to extend because you've traded him. The half-measure where you stand pat, extend Utley, and pretend that Darin Ruf, Maikel Franco, and Jesse Biddle are near-term answers is a great way to become the dumpster fire that has been the Mariners for the last decade.

Rube gonna Rube.
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