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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

I saw tapes of the Dune miniseries and was largely nonplussed. Some parts were good, a blond Jessica was a nice touch, but a lot of it I found unremarkable. Say what you will about Sting but at least he left an impression. The only thing I remember about the miniseries' Feyd was that he had a triangle behind his head. And I recall not liking the fight scenes in the miniseries very much.

My preferred adaptation of the first Dune book would be the Lynch version. ( I'll never forget how they actually gave you a cheat sheet when you went into the theater, something that would have been a collector's item if it hadn't almost immediately been ink-smeared by greasy popcorn fingerprints. ) My optimal version would be something that doesn't exist. It would include the deleted scenes that were in the extended "Alan Smithee" edition, with their special effects completed, and with all the crap of that edition ( the voiceover, the scenes reused out of their proper sequence, etc. ) taken out.

I also embraced the Dune Messiah / COD adaptation because, well, it's the only version of those books that's been filmed so far, and I liked it ( though it mangles the plot in areas such as Halleck's involvement with Jacurutu ). So I just kind of tolerate the disconnect of Paul Atreides changing from Kyle MacLachlan to Alec Newman.
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