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Re: Star Trek: Excalibur begins production on 1st webisode

Not bad- but the first exchange with his ship seems odd to me that his own crew does not get him enough to humor his nursery rhyme fetish the same for the yeoman at the desk – unless she was not human how could she not of heard the early bird gets the worm (I would give this a grain of salt in the 60’s TV show but the woman Commodore shows the modern mentality)

It felt forced to have this jolly sage as a captain- who is clearly not connecting with the yeomen trying to illuminate, but that is just pacing

Nitpicking – buy some wigs for your extras or swap out the uniforms if I saw Ensign Carter walk by in the back ground one more time I was going to scream. I would expect more ship traffic around Earth and for the file footage I would of like to see the action from a flight recorder. Kill the BSG drum beats or soften them up., I realize Gabe worked on BSG, so this might be his style, but I would tone it down, also But nitpicking aside very good
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