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Re: Untangling the various Trek Universes

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Enterprise did so many things wrong I'm all for removing it from continuity. In DS9 the mirror universe had cloaking devices in season 3's "Through the Looking Glass" but didn't have them in season 7's "The Emperor's New Cloak". Thanks to the TNG episode "Parallels" you can explain away continuity errors by speculating that it's not the same mirror universe but another parallel universe that just happens to be very similar.
I hardly watch anything from ENT so for my own personal continuity it doesn't exist.
My "personal continuity" doesn't include Enterprise or Voyager. I had to put up with a Voyager fan ranting about how Federation Time Ships from the 29th century would never have allowed Nero from Star Trek 2009 to change history. Before that I just thought Voyager was a mediocre show but now it's dead to me.
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