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Re: Could stardates make some sense?

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And to my knowledge the original Galactica left their home galaxy to cross over to the Milky Way, one hop, and that they sped the ship up for the voyage, not to FTL speeds that they were aware of. But that there was something unusual and mostly unstated about it.
That reminds me of the original Star Blazers cartoon, the English-dubbed version of the Japanese Yamato series. In one of the early episodes, the Argo crew engage their FTL drive in order to begin the long journey to a distant star system. They fire up the FTL, and make it all the way... to Mars. It takes them about half the series to get past Pluto, whereupon they zip all the way to another galaxy. In addition, the show's writers (or, more likely, the English translators) use "solar system" and "galaxy" interchangeably, and it's never quite clear which term they mean.
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