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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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What are the Pertwee Episodes that are/were only in Black and White before they started to recolor them?

Mind of Evil (All B/W)- just released a month or two ago in color

Ambassadors of Death (Flip flopped back and forth to B/W) - Released this year in Color

Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Ep 1 B/W) - Released a few years back in color

And there's a Dalek one also, right? Is it recolored yet?

Any more?

All my Doctor Who is TV Recordings, except I have gotten AoD and TMoE recently, and I want to get the others
Every Pertwee episode is now out on DVD, and all in colour, though in a few cases the colour-restored episode is officially listed as an optional extra (with the black and white print as the default) so as not to pretend it's 'broadcast quality', IYSWIM.
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