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Re: ST:TNG Blu-ray Episode Guide Inserts - Season 1-3

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Real fans know the episode order by heart and will instantly know which episodes are on which disc. Just kidding, these covers are great, and I found myself removing disc 1 a couple times.

Is there a good way to print these on thinner sheets of paper, or is thick photo paper needed? I was thinking of printing out custom Blu-ray covers, but the standard photo paper is too thick.
Thanks. I used thick, 9.5 mil A4 glossy photo paper that I just had lying around, but I admit I had a very, very hard time getting my ink jet printer to grab each sheet and pull it in properly. It took a lot of tries, but I eventually got all four printed.

Before I was successful in doing so, I was considering going to Office Depot and picking some thinner mil photo paper like this:

This is 9 mil instead of 9.5 mil. Do you know how thick your paper is that you're trying to use? I think you may be having the same problem I was having. My advice is to NOT do what I did and force the printer to accept the paper... try and buy something similar to the above paper. And remember to use the correct settings in your print dialog box for printing photos on glossy photo paper!

Hope that helps!
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