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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
Somewhere I got the impression that the Connie that was present at W359 had nacelles that were situated perpendicular to how they normally appeared, pointing outward sideways, rather than the usual straight up-and-down, with Constellation-style endcaps. I vaguely remember a pic of this from many years ago, and it looked like this (discovered this one back in early 2006).
I wonder if that's also related to the silver study model (actually an assembled AMT model kit) that floated around the TNG sets in the early seasons, which had its nacelles turned in that manner?

Dukhat wrote: View Post
We don't know that those ships participated any more than we know that the rest of the fleet was composed completely of Nebula class ships. Some people seem to think that because they were seen at the surplus depot, they were from the battle because other ships form the battle were there as stock footage. So does that mean that the two spacedock study models, the two Talarian freighters, the two Talarian warships and the 'V" miniseries saucer were at Wolf 359 too?
Maybe Starfleet had some captured Talarian ships, and one from a reptilian race? I mean, they did seem desperate.

Really not trying to belabor, I'm just trying to point out that we can't really rule anything out. Some of the surplus depot footage did start as Wolf 359 footage after all.

Dukhat wrote: View Post
Based on what I can see (8 Galaxy family ships, one Ambassador, one Excelsior, one Miranda (with updated interiors), one Oberth, one shuttle from presumably another Galaxy family ship, and what hasn't been conclusively proven to be a fully intact Constitution), it appears that if this sample is a representation of the entire fleet, then it was probably composed mostly of more advanced ships from the 2350's and '60's, while the older designs tended to be less, but still hardly "antiquated."
Agreed with that assessment, although we might not assume that the shuttle came from a Galaxy family member - remember that the Repulse, an Excelsior class ship, had such a shuttle in "The Child." USS Liberator might be our Connie, for all we know.

The Oberth in itself is quite the curio, although perhaps I should not open that can of worms. Having it at Wolf 359 certain seems, well, desperate, as earlier mentioned, especially if the registry numbers of the earliest seen Oberths are representative of their true age. Perhaps they are just that economical that continuing to use them for close to 200 years is okay.
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