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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

I absolutely loved the Dune trilogy. Have re-read the whole thing a few times. The Lynch movie was a mixed bag for me. Some of the the casting choices I thought, hurt the film. I thought Kyle McLaughlin as Muad Dib (the most important character in the story) had zero charisma. I recall thinking the first time I saw the movie that Sting should have been cast as Paul instead of Feyd. I hated the weapon thing they created for the movie. In the theater I was at, several in the audience laughed when the battle between Muad Dib and Feyd Routha started.

My now ex-wife, who did some costuming in the movie industry,absolutely adores this movie...because of the costumes and set designs.

Anyone see the "long" version, the one that Lynch took his name off? The movie starts with this super long voice over narrative explaining Dune in great detail. While the narrative is going on, drawings of what is being told are shown. It is bizarre.

Another great "Alan Smithee" film.
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