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I'm also an advocate for treating the series and the movies as separate entities in general, especially concerning interpretations of history and especially for that reason I do not treat ENT as canon.

However, ENT's "In A Mirror, Darkly" is set in the mirror universe where a lot of things are different and this is the one exception where I can imagine it co-existing with TOS and leading up to events in "Mirror, Mirror".

Except for the Defiant's aft torpedos I can't see any features of NCC-1764 depicted here that would contradict TOS canon (only some irregularities in the corridor design) and therefore have been grateful to "discover" new spaces in the engineering hull never seen before.

Just to consider such inspiration doesn't automatically imply one accepts the rest of ENT as canon. ENT merely added new visuals to a classic TOS design, nothing more but also nothing less.

As for my project it comes down to a simple question: Would Matt Jefferies have approved the ENT design additions to his Enterprise?

Interestingly enough, "In A Mirror Darkly" might have been the first on-screen canon depiction of a Constitution class having aft torpedo tubes, but this notion to my knowledge dates back to Franz Joseph's schematic for the Constitution class. It depicts one or a pair (can't quite remember ATM, but I think it was two) mounted in the back of the lower bridge module, around the same area where the astronomical observation telescope is often shown.

I've always thought that the torpedo tubes are mounted above or below the telescope, or the aft section of the bridge module can have it's equipment interchanged at a starbase, depending on the mission (or perhaps the whims of the commanding officer).

Given that the Constitution-class Heavy Cruiser was the intended primary warship at the time of her heyday, I think it makes plenty of sense that she would have a considerable arsenal at her disposal, enough to keep her covered from multiple vectors and angles. That should include the aft.
Sorry to muddy the waters on this, but the notion of aft weapons was mentioned (never shown) in "Balance of Terror".
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