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Our resident friendly neighborhood rabbit...
I love rabbits! Nice pictures. I also like the blueberry-picking ones.

I'm going to be in your neck of the woods next weekend. Fayettesville and Skaneateles (sp?), plus a day or two in Binghamton.
You are going to be real close, I actually live in Manlius. The first time my wife took me to Skaneateles, it's pronounced "Skinny Atlas" and I saw how it's spelled. I was like how do you get that, the pronunciation from that. There is a great Apple farm in Skaneateles called Beak & Skiff. They have a great store, with their own honey bees. They also have a winery, they make the BEST apple wine. I HIGHLY recommend that you stop there if you can. Have fun!
Cool! I was actually in Manlius, too -- my uncle's memorial mass was at St. Anne's Church. It's a pretty town.

I'll post some pics from the trip later.
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