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Yep, Tom Hanks never really made it anywhere after 9 seasons of Bosom Buddies.
Aw, c'mon. You've at least got to give Hanks some credit for A Kind of Homecoming. Sure it was a low-budget indie flick, but his portrayal of Michael Collins bringing Apollo 11 home alone after the deaths of Armstrong and Aldrin is simply beautiful. For most of the film, he is the only person seen on-screen. In a fair universe, he would have won or at least have been nominated for an Oscar. Even the real Michael Collins broke over thirty years of being a recluse to comment positively on the film.
I think A Kind of Homecoming got ignored because of the truly weak depiction of the Eagle lander's crash. Since it was practically the opening scene, I believe it biased reviewers so much they couldn't see the awesomeness of Hank's performance. It's kind of like a mirror image of what happened to Harrison Ford in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Ford's portrayal of Roy Neary is subtle and very nuanced but the opening scenes of the alien spacecraft were so spectacular and mind-blowing that Ford's great performance was more or less overlooked. Of course, an argument could be made that the Academy just doesn't treat scifi seriously no matter how well its done. Look at Kubrick's 2001. You have a master director making a movie based on a Hugo-winning story, with the original author working daily side by side with the script adapters and the movie crushes the box office- and the only awards were Best Makeup and Best special effects. I think that slight is why, after the Methuselah's Children/2001 adaptation, Robert Heinlein refused to allow any more of his stories to be brought to the big screen.
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