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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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But those Excelsior prototypes weren't at Wolf 359. And the one Miranda we know of that was, was not all that old.
Not to belabor a point, but how do we know that those prototypes and other ships weren't at Wolf 359? We have a few moments of battle footage from "Emissary" that pins down by visual evidence only a few ships: Yamaguchi, Melbourne, Saratoga, and Bellerophon. The encyclopedia speculated about names for others based on some of the wrecked models that were built... but how do we really know that the unnamed Excelsior prototypes did not participate? The Memory Alpha article on the battle pins down 16 ships, two unnamed, and one from the presumed present mothership of a wrecked shuttlecraft (USS Liberator.)

I have always remained dubious about there only being 40 starships present in the final count as well.

At any rate, the Constitution class seems to have at least one present, in addition to the one confirmed Miranda class. There really seems to be no "class bias" when it came to this battle.
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