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Re: Who's made their own tech manual?

Very impressive, my friend! I went back and checked a couple threads we did on a similar subject.

So, let's talk for a moment about a new Trek manual. I'm a sucker for those old school diagrams and such. Should it look like that, or a more techno look? Keep the old fonts or something completely new? Color vs. black & white. You already provided a great outline, but let's get down to specifics!

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote:
I'd base it roughly on FASA's TNG Officer's Manual, which had a little bit of everything - ship schematics for vearious classres, specifications, deck plans, equipment diagrams. uniforms, character and planet profiles and a timeline.

Ship classes:
Declaration-class (the Ringship Enterprise)
Einstein-class (USS Kelvin, class name from Federation: The First 150 Years)
Starbase One (detailed pics in Star Trek: The Art of the Movie. The central strucure is very cool close up)
Kelvin shuttle
Kelvin medical shuttle
Military transport shuttle
Personnel shuttle
Into Darkness shuttle

There is a Franz Joseph-style floorplan of the new Enterprise seen briefly in Into Darkness, when they're initially scanned by the Vengeance. I'd love to see it. If anyone's got a good pic of it, please post it!

Cutaways of the Kelvin-type exist in the form of ILM's CG models. We see a torn Kelvin-type saucer in the debris over Vulcan, and part of the interior of the engineering hull is shown in Star Trek: The Art of the Movie.

The timeline would go from the Roswell Incident to the Eugenics Wars through to First Contact through to Enterprise through the two new movies.

Deck plans of the bridge deck, engineering (which was recreated in CG for the Into Darkness "roly-poly" sequence), the warp core, medical bay, transporter room, shuttlebay and huge crew quarters section from the videogame.

Equipment including hand phasers, phaser rifles, communicators, photon torpedoes.

Uniforms including ENT, Kelvin, academy cadet, academy instructor, nuTOS, new dress uniforms etc.

Character profiles on the main characters, as well as Admiral Marcus, Harrison/Khan, Spock Prime and Science Officer 0718.

Hey, I can dream...
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