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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

No, but protecting his nephew and niece might.

I don't dislike Skylar, I think the actress does a tremendous job with her. And I certainly like her better now than I did in season two when she was basically a moron. Skylar got put in a position where the morally right and safe thing to do meant nuking her children's future. She tried to tell Walt "Get out and I won't say anything", and Walt proceeded to call her bluff and basically enslave her. And she made herself an accessory to all his crimes back when she had the comforting delusion that all he was doing was manufacturing and there was no violence involved. If she had come forward immediately she would have been okay, but at this point she is facing a life sentence too. She does all she can to protect her children from the consequences of Walt's actions even though Walt has gone to great lengths to make her the bad guy, and her 'tragic flaw' is that she's too afraid to come forward and give Walter Jr and Holly the stigma of having a famous criminal as a father.
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