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Re: Star Trek: Excalibur begins production on 1st webisode

Hey, this came out of nowhere, but after a few months with no other new ST fan prods, it made back-from-vacation doldrums go away...

So a few comments:
1) ''directed by Samuel T. Cogley'' ? what, was Alan Smithee too busy?

2)This vignette might have been a great opportunity to showcase the new captain and show the kind of leading man he's going to be. Apart from borrowing a bit from Wrath of Khan (Kirk's old-time glasses, Nelson's old-fashioned book), the film doesn't give us much information apart from liking old novels and nursery rhimes, and being a soft-spoken sort.

That could be ok, but not exactly what screams ''leader''. A little more thought on what will make Nelson a captivating character in future installments seems a priority.

I look at James Sikking as Captain Styles from Star Trek 3. He had perhaps less than 3 minutes of screentime and gave us a memorable super dick...

3) Not a fan of the synthesized main theme... the music during the short was a lot better, though...

4) I like the FX, it's obvious you're going for the same feel as Space: Above and Beyond and Battlestar Galactica.

Looking forward to more...

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