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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Lucky for Riker that Picard was in the whole... recovering from torture mode to bother with dealing with Riker, or caring about what happened while he was gone.
Well we could also chalk that up to Jellico's professionalism. He probably considered the insubordination as something between him and Riker and declared the matter closed on his way out. Jellico obviously didn't feel the need to tattle on Riker on his way out. It was his problem and he handled it, no need to bring in Picard. Very interesting episode and probably not for the reasons the writers anticipated.
Picard did know about it, he referred to Riker being relieved of duty during the Minos Korva incident in Gambit when he was painting Riker as a deadbeat(not a hard task).
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