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Re: D'deridex class Warbird vs Galaxy class

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Umm, what? Clearly, the volume of the warbird is much greater than that of the Galaxy if we accept the external dimensions shown above.

Eyeballing from the pictures, a single Romulan nacelle is already worth three Federation ones (and let's remember that the makers of the DS9 Tech Manual from which these figures come assume that some 25% of a starship's mass is in her warp coils.). The saucer is but a fraction of the size of either the upper or the lower wing. And then comes the beak section of the Romulan ship...

The D'deridex might be a tad less massive/voluminous than the Galaxy if both were of equal length, yes. But it would be a close call even in that case.

If we take this Tech Manual set of figures, we probably have to assume that the analyst let a digit out of the Romulan mass figures... 14,300,000 metric tons is closer to what the volume ratio suggests!

Timo Saloniemi
The mass of the Warbird would never be 14,300,000 metric tons. It is about 4,300,000 metric tons because the Warbird has a lot of empty space inside it that is never used. They didn't know what to do with all the extra space. So it actually looks a lot bigger than it actually is. The Romulans ended up creating a ship that has a bigger bark than a bite.
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