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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

Dune is one of my absolute most favourite novels, and certainly the book I've read the most. I recommend reading the sequels, although Dune Messiah is pretty underwhelming. God Emperor of Dune is hated but I thought it was terrific.

The David Lynch movie is solid dumb fun, even though it doesn't really do the story justice or explore the concept of a messiah being deconstructed. Which is y'know, probably the biggest theme of the entire novel.

The Sci-Fi Channel adaptation is more true to the book, and has a MUCH better Baron Harkonnen. The one in the Lynch movie is just some screeching 2-dimensional cartoon villain, whereas the one in the mini-series is the genius political mind from the novel. Overall though I prefer the Lynch film as it's less flat and I love the dark, brooding atmosphere.

The Children of Dune miniseries, based on the second and third books, is worth checking out for the amazing soundtrack alone.
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