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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

I just want to say thank you to King Daniel and everyone else who contributed all that analysis and information on the reboot Enterprise being over 700m. Honestly, you have improved my viewing experience of the new films.

Back in 2009, some people arguing that the Enterprise was inconsistently scaled really ruined my enjoyment of the movies. I bought into the idea that the Enterprise really was 300m and was purposely scaled inconsistently during the shuttlebay and engineering scenes because the filmmakers were too lazy to obey the size restrictions and simply wanted a larger interior. This destroyed my suspension of disbelief because I couldn't believe that that massive shuttlebay and engineering section could fit inside a 300m ship and I got distracted watching those scenes. Unfortunately, I was convinced by the argument that it was 300m.

Now, with incontrovertible evidence that it IS 700m after all, and with diagrams showing how the interiors could fit in nicely, I am much more comfortable watching and loving the ship. So, thank you very much.

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