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Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

I just recently finished 'Dune' for the first time. I was at a bookstore a while back and was looking for a book to read when I came upon it, and decided on a whim to pick it up, I am really glad I did.

To say I enjoyed 'Dune' is an understatement, I loved it. For years I've heard about Herbert's masterpiece, I'm glad I finally got around to reading it. At 800 pages it is a daunting piece of work, but the pace was always quick. There was always something interesting happening, whether it was Paul and his family trying to acclimate themselves to Arrakis, or the Baron being...well the Baron, it was always fun to sit down for a while and read. Herbert created a really rich and fun universe, and I can't wait to return to it in 'Dune: Messiah."

As for the movie, I purchased it cheaply on bluray while I was about halfway through reading the book. Because of school and other commitments, I wasn't actually able to finish the book until a few months later. But I knew as soon as I did I would view the movie:

I had actually watched the trailer a while back, while I was still in the middle of the book. So a lot of the imagery from Lynch's film became the images in my mind as I was reading the book. Which isn't bad, because I feel the look of the movie is probably one of it's best qualities. I feel Lynch really captured the feel of the book, not just in set design and such, but also in the overall tone. I also think the opening with Princess Irulan's monologue setting up the story is pretty cool: you actually feel like you're in store for an epic story.

Up until about where the Duke Leto is captured and Paul and Lady Jessica are forced to flee, I was really digging the movie. Sure it skipped over a few details, but it still felt relatively true to the book, but than the movie just goes off the rails. I understand Lynch's intended cut of the film would have been at least three hours long but that Universal wanted a shorter film for theaters. Well it definitely shows. I don't think there's much to say about the last hour of the film, but it really skips over important things and I even wonder if someone who hasn't read the book would even begin to be able to follow what is going on (Scratch that. My manager at work loves the hell out of this movie and has never touched the book.)

Still, I don't hate the movie, and I can definitely see myself sitting down to watch it more times in the future.

I know someone will bring up the mini-series which is more faithful to the book. I do actually intend on seeing that soon.
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