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Re: Generations references

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Of course, the Borg would probably have disabled the ability of the ship to separate.
LaForge: "We can't separate."

Picard: "What?"

LaForge: "The Berman latches have been hard-locked by the Borg We have no way to break their encryption."

There are several things that happen during or because of Generations that I wonder how they would be affected by the D not being destroyed... Data's emotion chip would surely have still happened, but LaForge's eyes? Worf's transfer?

Worf: "I have just received new orders from Admiral Berman to report to Deep Space Nine for reassignment."

I still think blowing up the D, then using Kirk to hit a reset button where the D is not destroyed, would have satisfied having a fancy explosion and crash sequence, while keeping the D and the accompanying TNG feel. Twould have been a good fakeout too. I was not particularly surprised that they destroyed it.
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