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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

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Really, 137th Gebirg? It could be a delayed reaction. But it might not be a good enough storyline, unless he allies with the Klingons or something. But they would just want to kill him since they most likely blame him for what happened on Kronos. It would have to be some race that wants to wipe out the Klingons and tries to use Kirk to help them. As long as there is a 3rd film, I really don't care what the storyline is!
I meant the Shatner thing, not the "dark Kirk" thing.

I actually do like the idea of a "dark Kirk" having some kind of reaction from augment blood and could make quite a good storyline. Make the villain of the next movie out of the hero of the last. Would be uncommon in the Star Trek world, and may be extremely interesting, if done right. They could go a step further and pull Khan out of deep freeze to stop Kirk! There will doubtless be those detractors who will accuse NuTrek of raping their childhood over that over-the-top role-reversal and blah, blah, but I think it could be a hella wild ride, personally.

But for the writers to pull a contrivance out of their collective asses to bring back Shatner for the next one? Nah...I'm a major Shat fan and I wouldn't want to see that. Like I said, the ship has sailed on that one, and I think Bill was right to stay away - it would likely have been nothing more than throw-away stunt-casting. Let this new crew flourish in their own right.
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