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Re: Elysium - grade/review and spoilers - also controversy

I saw the movie last night also and I think I will give it an A- or B+. I don't know how you could watch this movie and feel....i dunno something.....the movie does not try to hide its themes and they really are right in front of you to digest. Movies and books that cause me to think really stay with me for a while and I am still mulling over this movie and the world that Blookamp (sp?) created.

The one weakness of the movie though was I felt the 'Kruger' character and his assorted goons were very one dimensional and cartoonish. I dunno for some reason , I like to root for my villains or at least see where they are coming from. Jodie Fosters character was cold, but she at least had a couple of lines where you could see where she was coming from.

Honestly,it is good the movie ended when it did as I felt the last 20 minutes the movie was starting to fall apart for me. That being said I would highly recommend it.
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