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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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The bad character who asked the question doesn't invalidate the question
When a complete asshole asks a loaded question like that, it's probably not a legitimate question.
The question and answer is legitimate as we're not lead to believe these two were lying.
MILITARY AIDE: Bill, are we talking about mothballing the Starfleet?
C in C: I'm sure that our exploration and scientific programs would be unaffected, Captain, but...
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Or they could have just rolled ten degrees to port so their ventral phasers had a shot. They only had, what, two and a half minutes to reorient themselves for that?
Sure but part of the phaser coverage discussion was that with the rollbar phasers you wouldn't need to.

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I don't know that the World War-II analogy is or was ever all that appropriate
It's not that appropriate. Like I said, I was working within Forbin's question.

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We should consider that "Enemy Below" ripoffs aside, Star Trek may have been less about emulating WW-II era warships and more about emulating MODERN ones contemporary with the actual show.
However, TOS did rip off "Enemy Below" and alternated between gun and torpedo with specific constraints that did not emulate 1960's contemporary naval combat. Phaser guns were their first go-to weapons to attack their targets but was power-intensive and photon torpedoes were used when the ship was power-limited and couldn't fire full phasers.

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Those submarines did not use those torpedoes against pursuers.
U-85 fires stern tube in attempt to sink pursuing destroyer.

USS Tang fires stern torpedoes at pursuing tanker and transport attempting to ram it.

Netherlands O-21 sinks pursuing U-95 with stern torpedoes.

Spadefish failed to sink destroyer with stern torpedoes.

etc, etc.

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Still, in terms of offensive firepower, the 2 aft tubes on the Reliant would've made more sense mounted facing forward, IMHO.
I don't see how, considering starships in the TMP era only ever launch torpedoes one at a time.
I was thinking of TOS Enterprise's 6 forward tubes that could be emptied rapidly although still "one at a time". The only different I can tell between the TOS and TMP launchers is that we see the TMP ones fire multiple times indicating either a quicker reloading or holding multiple torpedoes to fire beyond the oval hatch where they are loaded. In either case, more tubes facing forward just means more torpedoes to be fired forward (without having to wait for the ones fired aft to swing around.)

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OTOH, if Trek had kept pace with the times
Unfortunately Trek never kept up with the times, even their own, IMHO. Even AbramsTrek doesn't really make a change as it still keeps phasers and torpedoes.
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