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Re: Up for pre-order - Star Trek: Insurrection expanded score!

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It's not 2 CDs -- Mr. Postman delivered mine today, and it's a single disc.

So far, only the expanded editions of III, V, VI and Generations have been doubles -- and the second disc of III and VI were straight-up re-releases of the original un-Expanded soundtrack CDs. A crass way of getting additional $$ out of fans, because anyone interested enough to buy the Expanded Edition likely already has the original version.
You know not of what you speak here.

The OST arrangements are kept because the producers wanted these to be difinitive releases, and would not need to double-dip in order to get everything.

For example, Star Trek III used very different versions of the cues in the film itself, when compared to the Album versions, meaning that to present everything, they needed a second disc anyway.

The finale and some of the other cues in the score for Star Trek VI are also different from the film takes.
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