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Re: What you DON'T want to see in Star Trek 3

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-Poorly done analogies/allegories to contemporary events in order to be "cerebral," "significant," or "relevant." No one want to see incoherent, sledgehammer-to-face messages about stuff. Tell us a story and do it well - the theme will come organically from the mix of elements involved.
The rub is, if a story was done based on a novel like The Galactic Whirlpool, or like the first motion picture, people like you would be hating it to bits and saying that it's boring. Let's face facts and say that you just don't like the current group of creators of Star Trek, and no matter what they do, you'll not be pleased.
I can't comment on the Galactic Whirlpool, since I haven't read it, but TMP is in no way cerebral beyond the concepts involved. It's a movie with a barebones script and padded out by long VFX shots. Of course it's boring. But it's disingenuous to say that I don't like the current group of Trek creators - I really liked the first movie, in spite of some utterly stupid decisions they made. I just really hate Lindelof, because every single thing he touches turns to shit because he likes sticking things in for the cool factor and not for any real story purpose.

Anyway, you can do smart scifi with a handful of fight scenes between characters or spaceships (and no, that doesn't equal "A FUCK TON of Pew!Pew!" - you want that, watch a Star Wars prequel). It's just a matter of coming up with the right story and making everything cohere properly.
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