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Re: What you DON'T want to see in Star Trek 3

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ST:TMP) Somewhat cerebral. Mostly a 2001 knockoff. Illia in a ridiculously short skirt.
TWOK) Revenge. Explosions. Getting old. KHAAAAAAAN! A FUCK TON of Pew!Pew!
TSFS) GE-NE-SIS?! Kirk's son killed. Get out! Get out of there! Lots of Pew!Pew!
TVH) They are not the hell your whales. One damn minute, Admiral.
TFF) Three boobed cat stripper. Sha-ka-ree. Lots of Pew!Pew!
TUC) Racism. Cold War. Shakespeare. Lots of Pew!Pew!
GEN) Fantasy land. Duras Sisters. Enterprise go Boom. Lots of Pew!Pew!
FC) BOOM! Sweaty Borg. Sexual healing. Drunks. A METRIC FUCK TON of Pew!Pew!
INS) Face lift. Forced relocation. F. Murray Abraham on a couch. Lots of poorly paced Pew!Pew!
NEM) Dune buggy. Mentally deficient android. Slowly moving doom device. Lots of random Pew!Pew!
Where does all of this bullshit about Star Trek being completely cerebral come from? And when are people going to stop repeating this bullshit?
Mostly fans with rose colored glasses who remember the show from their childhood very fondly.

I mean Trek has had some amazing episodes and films, very thoughtful, well written, and well performed. But I never saw an episode that actually taught me anything or changed my mind about a subject. I never saw an episode that really made me think.

Even when I was a kid and my friends and I would play Star Trek we wouldn't spend time sitting around a picnic table discussing a moral dilemma we'd have super cool phaser fights or launch some torpedoes back and forth.

Personally I dig the spite of J. Allen's post because people won't stop trying to hit us over the head saying Trek was this super mind enhancing experience that has been ruined by modern CGI and a faster pace.
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