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Re: Time Warner pulls CBS station signals, L.A., NYC

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So, by that logic, if you plopped down $80 for a Star Trek Blu-Ray set, and found out halfway through the season that CBS home video decided through negotiation breakdown that they couldn't put the rest of the season on disc and were going to replace the last half season with episodes from Everybody Loves Raymond, you wouldn't have a problem with it? Spending your hard earned money on the set?
This has got to be one of the worst analogies I've ever seen.

I don't know about you, but I've had cable through various providers for the last thirty years. I can't remember a year where they weren't negotiating with one content provider or another and there have been many years where we've temporarily lost programming due to drawn out negotiations. DirecTV, Dish and other cable providers go through the same negotiations every single year with one content provider or another. I was with Insight before Time Warner took over and went through the same shit time and again. It's simply part of the subscription TV model.

Whispers that I hear have CBS/Showtime asking for a 600% increase in the carry fees that they receive from Time Warner. Imagine if Time Warner sent you a letter telling you they were going to increase your cost of Showtime six-fold just so you could watch Dexter on time! So it's no surprise that CBS held the premiere of Showtime's most popular show until two days after their contract with Time Warner expired, knowing that it would spark this type of response.

It's just TV, so whenever this happens I find something else to watch. If there's nothing better to watch I'll go read a book or play a video game or *gasp* go outside.
Yup. NO companies are immune to this phenomenon.
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