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Re: Do you like the idea of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?

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Thanks for the info re Pertwee and Colin's script endevours!

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I watched the reveal live. i was excited until they padded it all out with interviews and crap, Davison excluded, but i got to a point where i felt as though i should phone in and donate to a cause, it was annoying. Then we got barely any time with Capaldi. Bloody beeb.

I am happy with the casting. I like the odea of going older, but, given his work on stage and tv like The Thick of It, he has this energy about him, body language and the look in his eyes. I am happy.

And i am still trying to get that Eastenders vs. The Volcano episode he was in, The Fires of Pompei, out of my head, but after The Thick of It, that has gone.

He has a pressence that makes you focus on him, and his voice is just amazing.

Im wondering if they will dumb down the accent a little like Tennnant, interesting.

So, wardrobe..?

You didn't like the Bernard Cribbens bits?

I wondered if he'd keep the accent, I have a sneaking suspicion he will. Wardrobe wise at the moment I haven't a clue. I nailed Smith's absent minded professor look in advance, but with Capaldi I'm not sure. Doubt we'll see a frock coat or a trench coat, somehow I can't see him wearing one of those. I also think they'll shy away from anything that looks too much like a modern day suit in case he just looks like Malcom Tucker!

I think something quite old fashioned, yet fairly simple...but who knows, I get the impression Pertwee might be his Doctor, so it could be frills and velvet.

Lol. Yeah Cribbins not included in the mini rant.

I had the same discussion with a friend about how he would possibly approach the role. We oddly both said a mixture of Tom and Jon but just a little, not ott homage.

He has the almost ruggedly elegant look of Pertwee too.

And yeah, a suit would just make Tucker fans expect "Suck my four sweaty timelord balls you fat fuck." Or "Exterminate me with your egg fucking whisk you tin can c*nt."
"Course your not,your not scared of anything. Box falls out the sky, man falls out of box, man eats fish custard. Look at you, just sittin' there,you know what i think? Must be helluva scary crack in your wall" - The Doctor

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