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Re: Worf in "Parallels"

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Well obviously each Worf in the respective universes had different experiences.

One Worf may never have been discommended, met Kurn, or fought in the Klingon civil war to regain their honour. Another Worf may not have killed Duras, and for all we know Duras may have been head of the Council in another universe. We did not know that Alexander did not exist in all universes. K'Empec could still be alive and Chancellor, who knows? Worf may have killed Gowron earlier, and long before the end of DS9 heh..
In one universe, Worf didn't go to the bat'leth tournament, and Kurn went in his place. Yes, who knows? In one universe, Duras may be an honorable man, instead of the dishonorable petaQ that we love to
"Great men do not seek power, they have power thrust upon them" Worf, son of Mogh after he killed Gowron, and gave the chancellorship to Martok.
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