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Re: The Library of Star Treks That Never Were - Book cover designs

"Under The Domes Of Mars" was published in the February 1954 issue of Incredible Tales. "Under The Domes Of Mars" tried to give a fair account of life on the colony, eschewing any life threatening scenarios. Instead it dealt with scientist Jackson Roykirk's attempt at navigating dueling bureaucracies in order to ensure his Nomad probe launched as planned.

Ringo felt it was too talky and that such stories were not Roddenberry's forte'.

Roddenberry's third and final "Mars" story was written in an overly lurid style, containing everything Marty Ringo wanted from his previous story. As a mild form of "revenge" he did not sell the story to Ringo, nor was it published in the pages of Incredible Tales (as that magazine was published quarterly)

It was instead published in the pages of Comet magazine where it went on to be very well received. This was also the beginning of his friendship with Comet magazine editor Mort Blumberg who encouraged him to send more stories his way. Comet would indeed publish several later stories, but Roddenberry always felt that Compelling magazine was his literary home.

"Martian Murder Mystery!" followed two police detectives as they tried to solve a series of strange murders on the colony. Late in the story they realize that the killers MO is similar to that of Jack The Ripper. An epilogue states that in the end, a total of eight women were killed, but that they never caught the killer or learned his identity.
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