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Re: Are Federation politicians immune to sex scandals?

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You can't even walk down a public street today without being monitored by any number of cameras. Even more so when everyone has a built in camera in their phone they can fit in their pocket. If you go out in public at all, I'd have to say what you look like is public domain.
Pretty fracking much, and the law agrees, too.
I don't think people are allowed to profit from someone else's image.

So people can be filmed by security cameras in public, and should have no expectation of privacy in that sense, it's quite another thing to license and sell someone's image for money.

Whether it works that way in the future Federation I don't think has been established. Holodecks on the Enterprise don't make a profit (unless people sell programs to Starfleet, but then you get into the whole "no money in the future" thing again).

As for Quark's, well...he would probably either find some loophole or change the image just enough to squeak by.
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