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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

I thought it was OK, definitely too long. Well actually, I think we worked out that, once you discounted the endless trailers and adverts that seem only designed to make you want to go pirate films, it can't have been much more than two hours, it just felt a lot longer. For starters I think they could have established Logan was grieving the death of a loved one and had to get over it without her popping up every half hour to prattle at him, Jean being in there was just pure fan service rather than anything to do with the film. Though I suppose it's interesting he didn't think Scott would be in "Heaven" with her...

It also suffered from the single most obvious surprise villain ever....

"How odd, I see everyone's death but I didn't know Wolverine's old friend was going to die. What can that mean?"

The romance felt pretty unconvincing as well (and it annoyed my mother as she thought Jackman was too old for her. For me, as the character is a good century older than any women he's likely to meet that didn't bother me so much).

You really had to suspend your disbelief at how stupid the villains plan was as well:

It seems they need Wolverine alive for the process, but do something to him that increases the chances he'll get killed. Even though the final fight with the arrows shows they've got a tranquilliser that works on a full strength Logan. If they'd had just knocked him out with that on his first night in the house and took him to the lab and done it to him right there and then they'd have won. I'm also not sure why Crazy Old Man (who it seems can stare into a nuclear explosion and not be instantly blinded, I'm not sure he needs super healing...) felt the need to armour up when he has a whole team of ninjas to do his fighting for him. I mean sure, it turned out he needed it in the end but that was because everything had gone tits up.

A film that took itself less seriously could have probably gotten away with some of the more silly aspects...

But, on the other hand, all the stunts and fights were well done, there's a nice Bond joke, the performances were solid (props to the lady playing Viper for doing a lot with an anaemically written part) and it's probably the most lush looking of all the X-Films. It's amazing how much more expensive something can look just by setting it in a country the series doesn't normally visit.

But that that just balances out at just an OK film. Though extra points for trying something a bit different even if it didn't quite pull it off.

Oh, and though it didn't hit me as a more casual fan until it was pointed out, isn't Logan supposed to be an amnesiac with no idea of his past? So he shouldn't have a clue what he was up to in World War II?
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