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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

I like the idea of Andorians making up a large number of ground troops, whether they still have their own force or are part of Starfleet (or another Federation-wide organization). I like any theory that counters the heavy human presence in what's meant to be an interspecies organization.

Considering MOST wars prior to that were actually fought on the ground and never involved starships at all, I'm just about certain that we DO.
Do you mean that most TNG-era conflicts were isolated ground conflicts with less focus on fleet battles? I think we can see evidence of that in individual worlds with their own military forces, but other than the Cardassian border conflict, it seems that everything else in that period was limited to minor skirmishes that could be settled by responding Starfleet vessels or a planet's internal security.

The question, then, is did Starfleet create, re-create, or rapidly expand a pre-existing military ground force for the war?
I should clarify - not necessarily just Starfleet, but the Federation as a whole. There could just as easily be a military force serving alongside Starfleet for this purpose.
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