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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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So, stepping aside from the discussion of whether Starfleet is a military organization and getting back to the OP. . . how did the Federation handle ground combat in the Dominion War?

So before the Dominion War, we really don't have a need for a ground force devoted solely to combat.
Considering MOST wars prior to that were actually fought on the ground and never involved starships at all, I'm just about certain that we DO.

The question, then, is did Starfleet create, re-create, or rapidly expand a pre-existing military ground force for the war?
Unlikely. As far as TNG+, Starfleet officers are trained to do many things, but they are NOT combat specialists, and they are DEFINITELY NOT ground combat specialists. They probably have special weapons units above and beyond normal security officers (24th century equivalent of a SWAT team) but that's a far cry from a dedicated land army.

I've said again and again and that the absence of the Andorians from TNG+ is best explained by their simply not bothering to operate starships anymore and sticking to land wars exclusively (that's where all the fun is anyway) in which case their armies probably travel from place to place in transports and/or shuttlecraft that pretty much amount to flying APCs.
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