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Look out! There's a Dalek behind you!
And if I don't move I might go away

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That's a pretty impressive rendition of a red TOS uniform. Looks as good as the ones used on-screen back then. I like the ship insignia on the breast, by the way....I also noticed you use them in your avatar. Are those the uniform patches of a local fan organization or ones you invented yourself?
thank you very much, I worked really hard on it, the patch I thought was for the Excalibur ( always liked that ship)- but i was speaking with John from Starship Farragut and he tells me this design was adopted for Anaxar fanfilm, the patch is also available at lids I had a good month and sprang to have it added to their database (engineering only) if anyone wants to join up
it was great seeing other reds there

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