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Gene Roddenberry's Daughters

Has anyone ever heard any details about Darleen and Dawn Roddenberry from Gene's first marriage? I've quite frankly had enough of hearing about Rod Roddenberry trying to figure out who his father was and him being treated like he's the only legacy left behind by Roddenberry.

They're hardly acknowleged in any writings and if it weren't for their roles in Miri, I wouldn't have known anything about them. I've read that Dawn passed away in 1995, so that leaves Darleen, who's 59 at this time. I'm sure if Rod had talked to her for his documentary, she would have provided some of those interesting "human" insights about apparently abandoning his family to marry an actress.

Apparently Dawn tried to sue Barrett after getting disinherited, so there's probably some bad blood between the two there. It'd just be an interesting new perspecitive to hear from instead of all of the things Rod keeps saying that they're going to do, but have nothing to show for it. I'm suprised that Trek Nation actually got made.
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