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Re: The Fight: worst episode ever?

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I thought "Twisted" was kind of fun, actually A bit like the Twilight Zone.

"Muse" seems to me like an episode without much of a B-plot. All they did on Voyager was worry about B'Elanna and Harry, briefly. It was pretty much a nod to the contracts of the other cast, but not much else.
Count me in as a Twisted enthusiast.

Muse is actually one of my favorite episodes. Much of the episode seems to be an allegory for everything that was wrong with Voyager. It was like the writers were expressing their frustration with what was going on behind the scenes at UPN.


What makes The Fight so awful is that it's so boring you don't really pay attention, but so confusing that you have to. After it's over you feel like you've spent an hour doing nothing.
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