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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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It's also much easier to build 1000 bombers which can be armed with bunker busting type of rockets, have them in the air as soon as kaiju shows up and blast the damn thing until it drops dead.
Kaiju are only vulnerable to massive amounts of kinetic energy (like a rocket power fist) or nuclear radiation. Conventional explosives just doesn't work.

There's a rocket that can penetrate 60m of reinforced concrete. I'm sure it's much easier and faster to build thousands of those than one giant robot.
The problem is that Kaiju move (quite fast when they want to). Bunker Busters are only for fixed installations.
Kaiju were susceptible to being frozen, burnt, cut and blasted with plasma cannon. I'm sure rockets would do just fine (and that's how the first kaiju were probably defeated, before the robots) and more bigger rockets would do even better in a real world. As to bunker busters - drop 100 of those at the same time at the general area where kaiju is expected to move and statistically you would hit it. 100 is not enough? Then drop 200. It would probably still be cheaper and faster than building and maintaining 30 giant robots.

Also, the world that had invented and built giant robots with mind-melding pilots in 14 months, could invent bunker busters with homing mechanism that could hit a moving target. This is again the part where applying logic and common sense to the idea behind the movie is pointless.
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