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Re: The Seekers: HBO-esque or Planet 'o Week

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And Titan hits at the core of what Star Trek is all about: seeking out strange new worlds, etc. This Seekers sounds like it will be in a similar vein.

I can't wait!
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Look at Titan. That's about as episodic a novel series as there is in the 24th-century novelverse, yet there are evolving character arcs and several novels in the series have ended with characters leaving, starting new relationships, or going through other major changes.
I agree with both of you, although I frankly hope that Seekers is a bit more even in its quality than Titan. And for my tastes, Titan's "episodes" tended to be a bit longer than was able to hold my interest.* If Seekers found a way to have more adventures in each story, that would be okay with me. (Hopefully that made some sense...)

*Well, that's not quite true. They held my interest, but they sometimes left me frustrated because they didn't "feel" like television episodes; every Titan novel could easy have filled up six or even a dozen live action episodes.
But isn't it kind of the whole point of doing the novels things they can't do on TV, like telling bigger, more complex stories?
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