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Re: Was Beverly a waste of space?

TheSubCommander wrote: View Post
Ridged for her pleasure.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
What woud have been interesting is after having Crusher for one year, and then replacing her with Pulaski for the next year, is if they had continued the process and had a new doctor at the begining of every season.
I wouldn't have minded seeing more of Selar, though not as the main doctor at Beverly's expense. I think she may have been the only TNG guest actor who knew how to play a Vulcan (not counting Nimoy and Lenard, of course).

R. Star wrote: View Post
Pulaski may not have been very likable, but she did shake things up nicely. The perfect bubble the TNG command clique lived in needed to be burst every now and again.
I think the show would have been better served if they'd worked on introducing a little more conflict within the existing cast, rather than ham-fisted attempts to shake things up by bringing in one out-of-the-box character (Pulaski, Ro).

Trekker4747 wrote: View Post
Take "Who Watches the Watchers" for example.
For Beverly, the Hippocratic Oath trumped the Prime Directive. It's called being passionate about your job. Worrying about the Prime Directive is the captain's job.

In "Justice" she hand wrings and frets a LOT over Wesley's "death sentence" (which, granted, she's justified a bit) and questions the entire culture of a planet.
"A bit?" It's her son! Is she not supposed to be human? And is "fretting" over her child's impending execution a crime!?!

Not interfering with other cultures and not being allowed to have an opinion or emotions concerning their activities are two very different things.

My biggest "Jesus, what is WRONG WITH YOU?!" moment comes in "Evolution."
She's just being a mother. Beverly can't win...she's allegedly completely uninteresting and has no character, but when she shows character, it's considered criminal behavior.
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